Aristotle T. Lekacos


Academic Experience Summary

From 2007 to 2010 I was the director of the MBA Program at Stony Brook University, from 2012 to 2019 I directed the Study Abroad in Greece Program for the University. Since 2005, I have been the Director of Educational Technology for the College of Business at Stony Brook University. Prior to my academic career I founded (in 1978) ATL Simulations a company that developed Combat Simulations for the military. In 1980 I formed Trac Line Software a company that developed enterprise wide business systems for Retailers, Wholesalers and Manufacturers. I guided the firm into a Multinational Corporation expanding the scope and breath of the product line. During that period, I also provided consulting services to many Fortune 100 corporations including IBM, JC Penny, AT&T, EDS, Sunbeam, Radio Shack, Honeywell, Hammacher Schlemmer, Sharper Image, and Xerox to name a few. I retired in 1997 from Trac Line Software. Prior to founding my company, I worked at Grumman Aerospace Corporation in Advanced Systems and Business Proposals. In 2010 I published a book titled “Communicating in a Digital World” which included online multimedia and now I have retired from Stony Brook University and have formed SIMU-EX a company that has developed a Business simulation.


2001–2022                                    Stony Brook University (SUNY)                             Stony Brook, NY

Professor, Director Study Abroad in Greece Program and Director of Educational Technology for the College of Business. Some of my other activities and positions during this time frame are as follows:

  • Integrated Virtual Team rooms in Project Management
  • Courses (Graduate & Undergraduate)
  • Faculty seminars on blended technology
  • Designed and Directed the Flex-MBA program
  • Chair of the Community Outreach Committee
  • Distance component of MSTM Korean Program
  • Chair curriculum committee graduate courses
  • MBA Recruitment
  • Advisor Entrepreneurs Club
  • Member COB accreditation committee
  • Applied for and received various technology grants
  • COB Data Analysis and interpretation
  • Simulation Modeling projects
  • Excel and Access Business Training Tools
  • Online Training Tools (Data Analysis, Pivot Tables …)
  • College of Business Web site
  • College of Business MIS including database
  • Online Course Infrastructure and components
  • Guest on various SB TV shows
  • Executive Seminar CA Inc.
  • Seminar for Executive MBA’s from Ghana
  • Developed an Internship tracking program
  • PMI program for interested MBA’s &Undergraduates
  • Simulated a business transaction network for students
  • Directed Business Community Development Projects
  • Developed a small business assistance program for MBA’s
  • Delivered numerous symposiums on distance tech. for TLT
  • Presented numerous seminars on digital communications
  • Directed TV production of COB events and promotions
  • Preparing an online International C-Level Leadership Seminar
  • Design and managed virtual meeting rooms for COB & SB
  • Evaluated & recommended Online conference systems for the university
  • Participated in the COB advisory board meetings
  • Chaired search committee to select the learning architect for the new Faculty Center plus other committees
  • Presented at business events promoting the MBA program
  • Former Graduate Program Director – MBA programs
  • Developed, planned and implemented an Undergraduate and Graduate Study Abroad in Greece program
  • Developed and planned a Graduate Study Abroad in Israel
  • Developed and planned an International Graduate Program incorporating site visits and online classes (iMBA)
  • Reformatted MBA 512, MBA 574 and MBA 586 as Asynchronous Online courses
  • Created and directed the IOLE Project
  • Served on various Provostial committees (related to online education)
  • Analyzing COMP-XM AACSB assessment information
  • Graduate Level Course development
    • Management Information Systems
    • Database (designed)
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Project Management (designed)
    • Operations Management
    • Accounting Information System (designed)
    • Marketing Information System (designed)
    • Business Planning (redesigned)
    • International Business (designed)
    • Digital Communications in Business (designed)
    • Business Simulation Modeling (designed)

Business Activities 2011–2018 Stony Brook, NY

  • Entrepreneurial Activities
  • Development of a Project Management simulation software package associated with a Wiley PM textbook
  • Creation of a Study Abroad Outsourcing model (SAO) being promoted to other schools of higher learning
  • COBOL portal connecting COBOL programmers with companies
  • Development of a Digital Business Communication Web Site
  • Implementing the relationships for a global iMBA program with other International Universities
  • Consulting Activities
  • Hotel chain (5-star) in Athens Greece
  • Marketing programs
  • Accounting Software
  • Travel Consultant
  • Web site design
  • Promotions
  • Investor strategy
  • Chamber of Commerce (various venues)
  • Using Social Networks for promotion
  • Senior Management Activities
  • Director UK Software Firm (noted below)
  • Expert Witness Thomson Reuters Expert Witness Services (Startup based ligation) 

Consulting Activities 2001-2011   Stony Brook, NY

  • Business Process Management (Including SOX)
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Knowledge Crafting Seminars
  • Digital content creation and distribution policies
  • Balanced Scorecard initiatives
  • COBOL Business Systems (Retail, Distribution & Service industries)
  • Presentations to various national organizations
  • Distance communication systems
  • Replenishment Modeling methods
  • Online Business Systems
  • Strategic Policy Advisement
  • Online Collaboration System
  • Executive Business Seminar (Strategy)
  • Member Round Table Group
  • Developer – Digital Authorware 

Publishing Activities 2003-Present  Stony Brook, NY

  • Web Sites
    • (Study Abroad in Greece)
    • (Crafting communiques’)
    • (Using the TPI/E approach to communications)
    • (Project management site)
    • (Executive Education)
    • COBOL4.Biz (Cobol reference site)
    • TPIE Sites
  • Communicating in a Digital World (Whitehall Press, 2010)
  • Flash and other multimedia information files on various business topics and operations
  • Lecture Slides for various textbooks (Wiley, McGraw-Hill, …)
  • PowerPoint Slides for Microsoft’s Access and PowerPoint software (NSPA)
  • PowerPoint Slides on the business benefits of Pervasive Computing (NESPA)
  • Business Process Management (BPM) This includes an Enterprise wide business software package
  • Online Animated Training Tools (Pivot Tables, Data Analysis, Neural Networks, etc.)
  • “The Knowledge Chain” a seamless knowledge crafting methodology
  • “TPI/E” Thinking, Planning, Implementing/Executing methodology
  • NPD Framework (Narrative, Planning, Design of business communiqués)
  • Textbook Reviewer
  • Small Business 20/20: Entrepreneurs and Their Firms (Katz)
  • Information Systems for the Information Age (Haag)

Graduate Program Director for the College of Business   Stony Brook University 2008-2010 Stony Brook, NY


Retired 1997-2001   Stony Brook, NY


Director Tracline UK 1990- 2010


President and Founder Trac Line Software 1980-1997 Hauppauge, NY

  • Actively participated in all areas of the business from audited financials to marketing strategy including our 'Red Herring' registration statement.
  • Business software developer specializing in completely integrated systems from Point-of-Sale through General Ledger.
  • Customers included JC Penney’s, Hammacher Schlemmer, Radio Shack, Microage, Computerland, Canadian Postal Service, AT&T, Coop pf Ontario, Corning, Court System of NY, EDS, Honeywell, IBM, Llardo, NCR, Sunbeam Oster, Unisys, Xerox, Wanf. etc. There were over 8,000 installed systems worldwide.
  • Gave presentations nationally to mid-size and large businesses. Some of the companies included (IBM, Xerox, EDS, Perot Systems, etc.)
  • Retired - health reasons

President and Founder ATL Simulations 1978-1980 Bethpage, NY

  • Combat simulation models for US Navy
  • Logistics simulation models for US Navy

Systems Engineer Grumman Aerospace Corporation 1974-1978 Bethpage, NY

  • Advanced Systems and Business Proposals
  • In-house trainer on business and simulation modeling methods
  • In-house trainer on COBOL and SIMSCRPIT II.5
  • Spent approximately 9 months travelling and making presentations to large technical groups on game theory and combat simulations

Adjunct Professor 1973-1980 New York Institute of Technology Old Westbury, NY

  • Industrial Engineering courses
  • Computer Science courses - Cobol, Fortran, Simscript and GPSS
  • Calculus

Chairman Mathematics Department 1971-1974 School of the Holy Child Old Westbury, NY

  • Developed an integrated math and science curriculum

Education - 1974 Polytechnic Institute of New York (formerly Brooklyn Polytech)

  • MS - Operations Research – Management Science
  • Aerospace Engineering