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Competition from global companies is mounting. The increase in imports, the connectivity provided by technology plus foreign investment in the US means that businesses are facing competitors from all parts of the globe. This increasing internationalization of a market is forcing businesses to develop a global strategy that protects their profits and enhances their value chain. Unlike domestic only firms, international businesses are involved in three environments–domestic, foreign, and international–as opposed to one. This complicates the decision making process and places additional burdens on management. Management has to have absolute confidence in their ideas and approaches to developing this multi-national corproation. . This team-based simulation illustrates the foundations of a global corporation, the elements in developing a plan, the steps to implement that plan and finally the activities of a well established global firm. The team is composed of a number of functional managers and if desired a CEO. The funtional postions manage products, marketing, human resources and finances. Managers can control a single country or multiple ones. Product and marketing departments manage four products and domestic, FDI in-country operations and direct exporting operations.

The simulation (International Business- The Game) enlists a student’s general business knowledge to expand a company into global markets. Essential to performing this task is the introduction of guidelines and concepts of Thinking and Planning. Then crafting the Implementation Plan and lastly Executing the processes. This approach follows the guidelines set forth in the TPI/E™ Philosphy. As often stated “Behind every successful company is a superior product”. Utilizing 'International Business - The Game' simulation will enable the student to practice the TPI/E™ Philosophy and acquire, through an experiential learning process, the necessary skills to manage this transition into a multi-national corporation. This simulation will reinforce the concepts introduced in an International Business course and a Business Strategy class. The need for planning, developing a plan, identifying markets, managing cash flow, directing HR and most importantly maintaining a 'realistic' approach to the business is crucial to the success of that business. The simulation emphasizes responsibility which leads to accountability and a leadership persona. Faculty click to see why you should consider integrating into your class.

International business people must have a solid understanding of business concepts and techniques used in the industrialized nations, but they must also know enough about the differences in the environmental forces of the other markets in which they operate to be able to decide if a concept or a technique (1) can be transferred to another country as is, (2) must be adapted to local conditions or (3) cannot be used at all.

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