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These are selected lectures from my 20 plus years of teaching in the MBA program at Stony Brook (State University of NY at Stony Brook). My classes were the capstone course of the MBA Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship (mainly during our sessions in Greece) and Project Management. Since they were lectures, I prepared specifically for a class you may hear a narrative that relates to that class or specific course assignments.

These lectures are not intended to replace any class discussion, though feel free to employ them as you deem appropriate. The rationale for posting them online is to provide a more thorough perspective on my purview of business and how that evolved into the design of the simulation "Entrepreneurship - The Game". Not only have I incorporated my experiences from starting two successful companies (refer to the bio), one in combat simulations and the other enterprise-wide business systems but also my efforts to incorporate experiential learning into my classes. This included simulations, study abroad programs, field projects and Flipped courses. You will also encounter phrases that I developed during my teaching career such as:

  • The TIP/E™ Philosophy
  • Determine a products Value Proposition and the usage of EVAC (Effort, Value, Acceptance & Cost)
  • Actionable Knowledge and the Knowledge Chain


  Wall Street Journal's Glossary of Terms
Businessmen of the 1880's
Business Processes
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The Internal Environment
New Products
Importance of Experiences
Income statement Overview
The Business Plan
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