Entrepreneurship Simulation

Managing The Future

Using the Thinking Planning Implement / Executing Philosophy (TPI/E™)

Team Material

Teamwork is integral part of a successful business. The simulation requires team for the company to be successful. To facilitate the development of your team we have created a series of discussion topics. These team discussion topic can be employed by the team throughout the simulation to foster a closer working environment. The emphasis of these discussions are team contributions and responsibility fulfillment. Each member of the team must contribute fully to ensure the overall success of the team and the corporation. These discussion topics are another method beyond the decision-making process of the simulation and team meetings to develop as a cohesive unit. They are best employed in the sequence shown below. The most effective process is for each team member to review separately then convene a meeting to discuss as a group. The recommended sequence is as follows:

  1. Team Rooms
  2. Corporate Teams
  3. Collaboration
  4. Accounting KPI
  5. Process Flow
  6. Management Tiers
  7. Team Workflow
  8. Measure & Metrics
  9. Internal Audit
  10. Team Perception
  11. Team Assessment
  12. Importance of Experience
  13. Communicating with Charts
Your primary objective in the simulation is to be 'successful'. By maximizing your team cooperation you will have a much greater potential to achieve this objective.