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By playing the simulation you will practice skills needed to have the confidence to start a new company. By developing a new product and by learning to use the TPI/E philosophy will expand your managerial experiences. The process of thinking of the business environment, planning the product design, implementing the marketing components and executing/managing the corporate cash position (i.e. cash flow) provides you with the hands-on experience so important in the development of your managerial skills. The simulation reinforces the concepts being discussed in your class and in addition to the experiences gained your confidence grows. This confidence leads to familiarization with standard business processes and thus enhances your leadership persona.

Managing a company can be perceived as a series of moves coupled with excellent execution however there is no set series of steps or sequences that can be defined as a de facto standard to successful thinking and planning. What can be quantified is a framework that may be used by the manager as a guide to developing, evolving, implementing and managing the business using the TPI/E™ Philosophy. Since uncertainty is an ever-present force that causes the best laid plans to be changed, the simulation attempts to model the uncertainty in the business environment.

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