Entrepreneurship Game Creation

Managing The Future

Using the Thinking Planning Implement / Executing Philosophy (TPI/E™)

This screen creates a new Entrepreneurship game including the base parameters, Features Table, Ad Plan Table and Market populations. Once submitted a Game Code will be assigned which should be provided to the student to register. Remember to provide the Game Code to your students to register. You can delete a game anytime before it starts or after it has been completed. It is not necessary for you to modify the starting baseline parameters however the capability is provided. On this screen you can modify the following elements:

  • Quarter 1, 2, 3 and 4 Processing Date. This can be automatic or manual and represents the date the simulation will be updated for the quarter.
  • Company Bank Balance is the starting amount of capital in the bank account of the startup firm. This dollar amount can go up based on cash flow.
  • Personal Bank Balance represent cash in the Entrepreneurs personal account. The Entrepreneur can take amounts out to help with cash flow.
  • Credit Card Limit and Credit Card Interest are the values associated with the Entrepreneurs credit card. The Entrepreneur can 'charge' amounts to help with cash flow but will be charged the associated interest.
  • Maximum Commerical Loan and Commerical Loan Interest represent the amount of 'funding' available from commerical banks and the corresponding interest. The interest is charged each quarter.
  • Maximum Family Loan and Family Loan Interest is similiar to the Commercial Loan except it is borrowed from family members.

The next set of elements refer to shares sold to raise Capital:

  • Starting Share Price - this will change quarterly, per company (Entrepreneur) based on sales, cash flow, etc.
  • Shares Entrepreneur - this is constant and represents the starting number of shares owned by the Entrepreneur.
  • Family Investment Premium - a premium on the stock price for shares purchased by family members.
  • Professional Investment Discount - a discount on the stock price for shares purchased by professional investors.
  • Sellable Shares Qtr 1, Qtr 2, Qtr 3 and Qtr 4 - the maximum numberof shares that can be sold in a quarter.
Again, it is important to note that these values do not need to be changed only if you desire to emulate a specific environment using different values. These values can also be changed during any quarter and the impact will be reflected to the students during that quarter. Elements that represent quarters that have been processed cannot change. Once the game has been created, if you desire, you will be able to modify the Features Table, Ad Plan Table and Marketing Populations. Tooltips are available for all parameters.
Course Number
Course Start Date
Course End Date
Quarter 1 Process Date Process: Manual Automatic
Quarter 2 Process Date Process: Manual Automatic
Quarter 3 Process Date Process: Manual Automatic
Quarter 4 Process Date Process: Manual Automatic
Tutorial Grading Date Active Y/N: Yes No
Tutorial Points
Company Bank Balance
Personal Bank Balance
Credit Card Limit
Credit Card Interest
Maximum Commerical Loan
Commerical Loan Interest
Maximum Family Loan
Family Loan Interest
Starting Share Price
Shares Entrepreneur
Family Investment Premium
Professional Investment Discount
Sellable Shares Qtr1
Sellable Shares Qtr2
Sellable Shares Qtr3
Sellable Shares Qtr4
Maximum HR Expense Per Quarter
HR Impact on Salary Expense
HR Impact on Marketing Effectiveness
HR Impact on Operational Efficiency
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