Entrepreneurship Simulation

Managing The Future

Using the Thinking Planning Implement / Executing Philosophy (TPI/E™)

Student Instructional Material

This is your startup business. You are the boss, you make the decisions. This is your chance to experience the thrill of starting a business without the risks. Think its easy starting a business, think again. Its all about decisions and actionable knowledge. You learn by doing and acting upon your experiences. By choosing one decision instead another your business may be dramatically impacted. You will face challenges, in Entrepreneurship - The Game, how will you respond? The decision is yours!

The purpose of the simulation is to provide you, the student, with a hands-on experience of the topics being discussed in your business class through experiential learning technologies. The simulation reinforces the 4P's, Internal Operations, HR, Cash Flow, Investment decisions, product design, market value proposition, effectiveness of different advertising mechanisms, short term strategic planning, competitive analysis and a number of other concepts all emulated in an easy to use intuitive system. Discover if you are bold and aggressive or steady and deliberate.

To facilitate the learning curve, the following training videos familiarize you with the simulation and provide insight into succeeding with it. You can use the videos to understand the quarterly process of the simulation as well as how to make the best decisions for each quarter. Your primary objective in the simulation is to maximize Cash, your Share Price, Revenues and Market Share while minimizing excess Inventory costs. Remember to have your Business Terms available if you need to review some of the terminology.

Good luck with your new business and enjoy managing.


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