International Business Vertical Game Review

Features, Ad Plans and Market Population

Using the Thinking Planning Implement / Executing Philosophy (TPI/E™)

Vertical Game Code Review

On this screen, you can review the Feature Table, Ad Plan Table and Market Population Table available for the Industry Specific Verticals. When creating a Game, you would select the Standard game or one of these Vertical Industries. In all cases after the Game has been created you can further customize the parameters. The Feature Table elements represent the parameters that are utilized to determine the Value Proposition of a Feature in each market, its cost and suggested retail price. The value can be an integer from 0 to 7 with 0 being the lowest value (i.e. effectively no value) and 7 being the highest (i.e. very important to the market). The Ad Plan table reflects the effectiveness of the medium in each market with a low of 0-zero (i.e. no effectiveness in promoting the product) and a high of 7 (i.e. extremely effective in promoting the product in the market). Lastly, the population of each market for every year can be modified. For example, if you wish to show a contraction in the market size reduce the value for the desired year. You can also revise the standard labels associated with each table to create a vertically oriented simulation.

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