Entrepreneurship Marketing Control

Using the Thinking Planning Implement / Executing Philosophy (TPI/E™)

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This is your Marketing decision screen. Each Quarter you will be able to select up to 3 Ad Plans to create an Ad Campaign, the associated Ad Campaign budget, a Selling price and the number of units to order (i.e. your forecast). Note: if no changes are made the decisions will remain the same as the previous Quarter (i.e. same Ad Plans and budgets)

You will need to select 3 Ad Plans from the 7 available. Each Ad Plan has an effective value (0-7) that indicates how effective that medium is in the respective market (refer to the Ad Plan Table below). The Ad Plan table reflects the effectiveness of the medium in each market with a low of zero (i.e. no effectiveness in promoting the product) and a high of 7 (i.e. extremely effective in promoting the product in the market). Based on the Markets you selected on the Product Screen, chose the most effective Ad Plans to promote your product and then update. Once these decisions have been entered updated (click the Ad Plans Button) you can review the overall effectiveness and then proceed to phase II. Your next set of decisions (phase II) relate to the budget for each Ad Campaign (for a specific Market). You decide how much to spend promoting your product based on the market population and Ad Campaign effectiveness. You will also decide upon a selling price of your product. Note: a suggested list price is shown to provide some guidance with this management decision.

Lastly, you will order a specific number of units to have available for sale. This is basically your forecast or projection of the number units you believe will sell. After Quarter 1 you may have remaining inventory, this is shown as QOH (quantity on-hand) and should be taken into consideration when ordering additional units QOO (quantity on-order). The total of QOH (the QOH in Quarter one is zero) and QOO will be available for sale. Note: when determining a unit sales projection, it is neccessary to take into consideration the market populations. However, you should also be aware that achieving a '100%' market share is not feasible. Once these decisions have been entered update (click the Budgets Button). *Have tooltips


Select 3 Ad Plans*

Advertising Plans*

Ad Plan Effectiveness in the Market* (Selected Markets are Highlighted)
* * * * *
Market Population*
Market Population Next Qtr*
Selected Markets


Advertising Campaign and Forecast

Selected Advertising Plans Selected Ad Plan Impact in the Market
0 0 0
Effectiveness Effectiveness Effectiveness
Ad Campaign Effectiveness Max 21
Market Population*
Market Population Next Qtr*
(Cash in Bank - $ 0.00 )
Enter Campaign Budgets ($)*
Enter Selling Price ($<2 x Suggested)* Enter Order Quantity (QOO)*
Suggested List - $ 0.00 QOH: Cost: $ 0.00
Industry Avg Retail - $ 0.00 Industry Avg Cost: $ 0.00
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