Entrepreneurship Control

Using the Thinking Planning Implement / Executing Philosophy (TPI/E™)

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Are you ready to enter this quarter's decisions? Have you done your due diligence? If so, you are in the right place. This main page provides administrative information and management results on your simulation. It will help you to Monitor the Measures & Metrics (M&M) and then Manage (M&M) the decisions.

From this page you access the three decision screens that allow you to Manage your Product decisions, Manage your Marketing decisions and Manage your Cash flow. Since there are 4 Quarters to the simulation, before each Quarter is processed you can review and change your decisions. In Quarter One you will create and design your Product (refer to training video). Note: depending on your Professors configuration you may not be allowed to revise the Product design after Quarter One. Your screen below will inform you if this constraint has been imposed. All decisions for the Quarter must be submitted by the designated due date and time. Starting in Quarter 2 you will use the information on this screen to craft actionable knowledge, determine the competitive types of markets your products are in and review various financial measures. *Have tooltips


Manager Due Date
Quarter 1* 11:59pm on
Quarter 2* 11:59pm on
Quarter 3* 11:59pm on
Quarter 4* 11:59pm on
Class Standing*: Cash: $ 0.00 Revenue: $ 0.00 Percentile (Cash) 0th


Growth Analysis*

Quarters Cash QOH GM Revenue Sold MS Revenue Sold MS Revenue Sold MS Revenue Sold MS Revenue Sold MS


Quarter -1 - Gap Analysis*

Student Cash QOH Revenue Sold MS Revenue Sold MS Revenue Sold MS Revenue Sold MS Revenue Sold MS
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